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Your finances in good order...
Well managed by people you trust.

Transparency. Accountability. Privacy.

Life is dynamic, with stages and phases relentlessly driven by change – often disruptive change – and with change comes challenge. We are focused on making life easier by organizing, explaining and managing personal finances for people of all ages and their family members.


We conduct our business with fiduciary responsibility in everything we do. Transparency, accountability, and the protection of private information are foundational in building trust with those we serve. In all aspects of our relationships, these ethics-based values are sacrosanct.  


Our deep understanding of the planning and management of personal finances is unmatched. Our caring, personalized approach to each client, combined with seamless interaction with the legal, tax, estate planning, and financial professionals make us an exceptional partner to present your big picture.

Your personal finances.

Sorted. Simplified. Secure.

Our services are organized into three categories –
LifeKeeping, LifeArc & LifePace.

As a starting point, we draw on our client experience to match you with a service category. Then we customize your plan to your current needs and challenges. We work directly with you, even in your own home if you wish, to simplify your personal finances, including bill paying and recordkeeping. 

We’ll get to know what works for you and, as our relationship evolves, our services can expand to meet your changing circumstances, helping to make your life easier.  We understand there’s a lot happening in your world… beyond your bank statements.

Seniors and their Adult Children, Adults with Special Needs

Personal finance organizing, planning, and administration; plus advocacy for private insurance, Medicare, Social Security, and more for seniors or ability-challenged people who are trying to stay on top of it all – on their own or relying on the help of family members.

People facing Life Transitions like Retirement, Loss of Spouse, Divorce, New Marriage, Entering the Work Force

Immediate and on-going personal finance support and appropriate counsel for people with new or changing circumstances facing unfamiliar financial obligations, tasks, and decisions.

Busy, Lifestyle-Driven, High-Net-Worth Individuals

Personal financial concierge services providing trusted, knowledgeable management and support, as well as timely administration, for complex personal finances or custom project and planning. 


We're the support you need.

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Legal, Tax & Financial Professionals

Do your clients need to be better prepared to meet with you? 

Eddy & Schein Group helps ensure that our clients can provide documents and essential information to their team of professionals for taxes, legal matters, estate planning, insurance settlements, elder care, and more. 

We make professionals' lives easier, too.