Mary Sansevero


Mary Sansevero, MA, our estate specialist serving a healthy client base, joined Eddy & Schein Group in January 2020. Mary’s career of more than 30 years in business management and client relations makes her an invaluable asset to the Eddy & Schein Group team. She is highly experienced in organization and the detailed coordination of people and projects, with an eye toward cost and efficiency.

As a practice, Mary starts with a thoughtful understanding of every project and moves diligently to write budgets, calendars, and projections. She immerses herself in every detail, with tenacity and passion, as she shepherds assignments to completion.

Mary was the face of one small business for many years, both managing and exceeding the expectations of a multitude of clients. She has excelled in managing the day-to-day aspects of a company, as well as individual accounts, including hiring and contracting outside sources. As a consultant in more recent years, Mary has maintained business records for individual companies and accounting for individual clients.

Mary is a strong advocate for her family. She has managed health benefits for her aging parents and continues to uncover the education possibilities and services available for her daughter.

Mary built her career on her background of managing details in the creative services space, working on television commercials, short films, and corporate presentations. She earned her BA in communications from the University of Scranton and her MBA from Fordham University at Lincoln Center.

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