Eddy & Schein celebrates 15 years.

Eddy & Schein Group Celebrates 15 Years of Service!

The first seed of Eddy & Schein Group was planted in 1990 when Rebecca Eddy was hired by a friend to pay bills while she and her husband were out of the country for six months. She was Rebecca’s client for 28 years. Meanwhile, Gideon Schein was caring for his ailing mother, and subsequently her best friend, which was the impetus that led him to take on his first paying client.

Rebecca and Gideon, colleagues in another line of work, shared insights on best practices for clients with each other, and out of that collaboration grew their new company, Eddy & Schein Group. It was incorporated in November 2000.

Unbeknownst to them, the field of Daily Money Management was burgeoning at that time: The American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) had just been founded in 1998 by professionals who were caring for people in much the same way as Gideon and Rebecca. They joined AADMM in 2005 and were excited by the abundance of resources it provided.

The strength of Eddy & Schein Group has been the constant striving to learn anything that could support their work with clients. Over the years, they have attended conferences held by AADMM (www.AADMM.com), National Association of Professional Organizers (www.napo.net), NYC Chapter of the Aging Life Care Association (www.aginglifecare.org), attended seminars hosted by elder law attorneys, trusts and estates attorneys, long-term care specialists, the Financial Planners Association of New York, the Financial Women’s Association, and more. Rebecca and Gideon also took Article 81 Guardianship training in order to be better informed about the guardianship process, in case they needed to become guardians.

Both Rebecca and Gideon studied for and passed the certification exam to become two of the first 21 Professional Daily Money Managers (PDMM) in the nation. They are proud to have maintained this prestigious accreditation through continuing education sponsored by AADMM and the AADMM Greater New York Chapter.

The growth of Eddy & Schein Group has been a journey full of fascinating experiences, culminating in what it is today – a one-stop shop for coordinating clients’ personal, financial, legal and health insurance matters, and building teams of trusted advisors. Collaborative partners include:

  • Elder law attorneys
  • Trusts and estates attorneys
  • Financial advisors
  • Accountants
  • Geriatric care managers (Aging life care professionals)
  • Professional organizers
  • Insurance brokers

Participating in various leadership roles in AADMM, the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and a variety of elder care organizations has also enriched their own lives. They have enjoyed speaking at events around the country and blogging about senior issues that have grown out of experiences with their amazing clients.

Eddy & Schein has grown not only in clients but also in Client Managers and locations. In January 2014, Rebecca and Gideon were proud to hire two employees as Client Managers to take on a caseload that was simply too much for two people. On September 16, 2014, they launched their Los Angeles office. So, in addition to its founders, Eddy & Schein Group currently includes Arlene Glotzer, Madeleine Cody and Martha Feuerstein in New York, and Chris Glaeser in Los Angeles.

And now, in November 2015, the founders of Eddy & Schein Group take this opportunity to celebrate 15 years of service and to express their gratitude to everyone who has made it possible for them to reach this milestone.

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Eddy & Schein Group helps:

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