Arlene Glotzer


Before joining Eddy & Schein Group in 2016, Arlene Glotzer, MA, CDMM®, had a career in foreign currency risk management at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Ford Motor Company, and New York banks. Her responsibilities ranged from explaining financial market developments and foreign currency exposures to government policymakers and corporate financial managers to designing and implementing strategies to mitigate currency risk.

When Arlene’s parents could no longer manage their financial affairs, her family asked her to oversee their investments and to coordinate their living and home health care arrangements. She also observed the financial challenges of the millennial peers of her three children that pointed to the need for greater financial literacy. From these experiences, Arlene was drawn to the field of daily money management and has become a trusted personal finance manager to clients across the age spectrum. She offers Eddy & Schein clients a relevant knowledge of investment management, tax, and accounting issues, as well as experience with selecting and funding assisted living and independent living options.

Arlene earned her BA from Binghamton University and her MA in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

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