Gideon Y. Schein


Gideon Schein, MBA, CDMM®, is a co-founder and partner of Eddy & Schein Group and has worked as a financial organizer and daily money manager for seniors since 1998. Working patiently to reduce the stress seniors often feel when confronted with today’s high-tech, high-speed world, he helps his clients maintain a feeling of independence in their personal affairs. He has extensive experience and expertise with issues relating to Medicare and secondary insurance for seniors, and he has given numerous lectures and seminars at the national and local level on these topics. Gideon has been interviewed on radio shows and quoted in newspaper articles.

Gideon is active in professional organizations, holding several leadership positions. He is currently on the board of the American Association of Daily Money Managers and is active on several national committees of the organization. He was one of the first Certified Daily Money Managers (CDMM®) in New York City.

Gideon has extensive experience working with not-for-profit arts organizations, in both administrative and creative roles. He spent over three decades as a producer, artistic director, director, and writer in theater, musical theater, opera, film, and television all around the world. The listening and organizational skills he developed working with performing artists have proven to be invaluable to his work with seniors.

Gideon graduated from Oberlin College and received his MBA from Columbia University.

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