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When Reality Hits Close to Home

For 20 years, the partners and staff of Eddy & Schein Group have carefully and compassionately helped our clients manage their personal finances, often through major life events. This week, one of those kinds of events hit close to home.

Gideon Y. Schein, a founding partner of E&S and my personal friend, even before we started the company in 2000, passed away on December 14th. I feel the dual impact of personal emotions as well as the implications of a partner leaving the company. For me, he was a visionary who helped me transform an idea about personal finance services into a thriving business.

Similar passages have faced many of our clients, with family members as well as business partners. Having been prepared with a plan has been very helpful, particularly as the range of emotions echoes through our hearts and minds.

Services and support at the Eddy & Schein Group continue uninterrupted. Allow us to share some information.

LA Office

In 2014, Gideon spearheaded the opening of our West Coast office to permit him to combine his passion for serving seniors in a new market with his love of the entertainment business (not to mention the weather). Chris Glaeser joined Eddy & Schein in 2018 which allowed Gideon to explore retirement. Part of the process was moving permanently to Pasadena. Chris served our clients as Gideon networked. We have arranged for a seamless transfer of our clients to Chris’ company, Activ Trust Management. Eddy & Schein Group will suspend further operations in LA.

New York Office

Along with Arlene Glotzer, and supported by our New York-based staff, I will continue to lead Eddy & Schein Group. There is no disruption to our services, to our clients, or to our association with strategic relationships we have in the accounting, financial advisory, care management, estate planning, and legal professions. We will continue to operate and serve clients as Eddy & Schein Group, both locally and remotely.

All of us will miss Gideon and the spirit of service and caring he brought into the business from its start. It’s a spirit that will live on in us all. We see his kindness and guidance reflected in the many tributes, emails, and stories that have been pouring in. Thank you all for sending those to us. Some of them can be seen on Gideon’s memorial page on our website.

During these 2020 holidays, we are learning to celebrate family and friends in very different ways than we ever have before. Nothing can be taken for granted. We extend our warmest holiday wishes to our clients, friends, and colleagues, and our condolences to the many others who have experienced loss this year. We know that they live on in our hearts, and will always be a part of our lives.

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