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Providing Our Clients Continuity During COVID-19

Working remotely is not new for Eddy & Schein Group. While we miss visiting clients in their homes as we practice social distancing, we continue to provide our valuable services, even during the quarantine. The technology at our disposal and our company procedures have always allowed us to interface with clients, monitor accounts, solve financial problems, and generally provide our clients and their families with the assurance that their financial affairs are in order. We may not currently be working with our clients in person, but we are available by phone or video conferencing to provide a measure of calm in an otherwise stressful environment. The services provided by Eddy & Schein are individualized based on the specific needs of each client, which requires access to the appropriate information and is improved by open communication between clients, or their representatives, and client managers.    

With online access to the bank; credit card and investment accounts; and, if possible, utility accounts and insurance plans, the basic information necessary to work with existing or new clients is at our client managers’ fingertips. For most of our existing clients this changes very little, for others, it has been the event that pulled them further into the age of technology. To familiarize ourselves with new clients’ finances in order to monitor spending, pay bills, or even identify potential fraud, we would begin by downloading financial transactions for the past year to learn about income and expenses and then proceed from there.

Where applicable, we may assist with: 

  • identifying and locating important documents
  • ensuring that estate planning documents are up-to-date and easily accessible
  • preparing and submitting long-term care insurance claims
  • reviewing mail for bills, checking and brokerage statements, and tax matters (by USPS Informed Delivery or mail sent to us) to keep concerned family, friends, or Powers of Attorney apprised of important financial activity
  • facilitating an easier interface between agents under the Power of Attorney and various institutions
  • setting up a “representative payee” for Social Security and alternative contacts for long-term care insurance
  • checking financial account titling and beneficiaries to reduce the need to probate estates
  • putting a funeral PrePlan Trust in place
  • handling financial details on behalf of an executor after the passing of a loved one

While so much of life’s normal activity has been put on hold for the time being, we at Eddy & Schein Group continue to offer our services by developing and implementing creative approaches that offer our clients the assurance that their finances and lives are in order. 

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