Worry-free personal finance management.

Overwhelmed by finances,
forms, and follow-up?

Want more time with
family & friends?

Looking for administrative help
for your aging parents?

Need help adjusting to
new financial circumstances?

Looking for more time to enjoy
the life you planned?

If you, your loved ones, or your clients

face any of these issues...

talk to Eddy & Schein.

Personal Finance Managers

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The stress of personal finances
shouldn't consume your life.

Trust Eddy & Schein Group to
organize, plan, and manage your finances.

Life today is filled with rapid change and with that change comes layers of complexity and confusion. Paying bills, managing insurance, and keeping up with technology can be overwhelming.

Eddy & Schein Group’s deep understanding of personal finance management is unmatched. Our services, customized for each client, range from personal finance and administrative support to household and personal account management, and beyond.

Our caring, personalized approach makes Eddy & Schein Group a highly valued personal resource for seniors, active retirees, busy families, those in life-changing transitions or new to financial independence, and high-net-worth individuals of any age.

Our caring, personalized approach
makes your life easier.

Your personal finances...
Sorted. Simplified. Secure.

Our services are grouped into three primary categories, each with customized solutions specific to your needs and challenges.

Seniors and their Families; Adults with Special Needs
Stress-free, personalized plans for budgeting, expense tracking, liquidity management, and personal finances; organizing tax documents, handling insurance matters, and coordinating resources for seniors, people with special needs or disabilities, or anyone facing unique circumstances.

People in
Life Transitions

Immediate help, planning, and management support to align personal finances and obligations created by divorce, marriage, widowing, or relocation; as well as support for young adults transitioning from school to work, and from dependency on parents to financial independence.

Active, Lifestyle-Driven Retirees and High-Net-Worth Individuals
A unique application of administration and management services for busy people with extensive or complex personal finances, multiple homes and properties, and seasonal lifestyles; includes custom project management, planning services, and accurate, targeted communication.

How it all works.

We use a common-sense process to simplify
your personal finance management.

With this foundation, we can support and advocate on your behalf, help you make informed decisions, and follow through with your legal, tax, and financial professionals.

Eddy & Schein Group has offices in New York and California.

  • Tri-State Area
  • Southern California

Our caring approach is reflected in the
comments and stories from our clients.

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