Veteran Administration Benefits: Explore All Options

{4:50 minutes to read} For U.S. Military Veterans, there are many resources available through the Department of Veteran Affairs. However, several steps are required to apply for these benefits. Below, we describe a recent case involving a World War II Veteran who already had benefits.

Don was living alone in a studio apartment within walking distance of major NYC Entertainment Venues, but he was lonely and getting more and more confused. He was a victim of a “sweetheart” scam – a woman befriended him and eventually asked for $5,000 for one health issue after another.

8 Tips to Prevent Theft and Fraud

{4:50 minutes to read}

Jeremy was so glad to be coming home after a two-month stay in a nursing home. He had suffered a stroke, but finally recovered to the point where his needs could be met with in-home care.

Edward, Jeremy’s brother, arranged for the care and services that Jeremy would need at home, including home health aides, visits by nurses and physical therapists, and delivery of groceries, medicines and personal care products. Debit cards were on hand to pay for delivery orders and cash to tip service providers.


Emergency Medical Services and Surprise Bills Law Takes Effect in NYS

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Have you ever woken up from a medical procedure and been informed that you were treated by an out-of-network physician?

Have you ever been treated in a non-urban area and sought the treatment of an in-network specialist - only to find out that the only available treating physician was not in network?

Have you ever been provided medical services costing thousands of dollars by an out-of-network physician without even knowing it until the bill arrived?


Preparing For “The Talk” with Your Aging Loved Ones

 Preparing For “The Talk” with Your Aging Loved Ones By Rebecca Eddy{2:55 minutes to read} Recently, Laura called our office to learn about the different services we offer. As a result of our conversation, she could envision her parents benefiting from the support Eddy & Schein provides, but she wasn’t sure how to get them onboard with the idea. She had tried having “The Talk” with her parents about their finances, their health, their legal documents, and plans for where to live. Unfortunately, the conversation was not successful. Her parents got defensive and refused to continue the discussion.

“The Talk” between caring family members and seniors can be emotional and embarrassing, but is nonetheless critical. Sometimes, it is easier for seniors to discuss difficult topics with a professional who is not part of the family. In Laura’s case, Rebecca suggested that Laura see if her parents would be open to meeting with a financial organizer. After some consideration, the parents agreed to meet with Eddy & Schein staff.

Health Care Proxy & Power of Attorney: the Roles & the Responsibilities

Health Care Proxy & Power of Attorney: the Roles & the Responsibilities By Gideon Schein{4:50 minutes to read} William is a man in his mid-seventies. Last summer, his family and Gideon Schein convinced William to have a Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy prepared. William agreed and signed the documents. We thought everything was in good order.

It turned out that, suddenly, William got much sicker. He had some psychiatric problems and had to be admitted to a psychiatric facility. The person William had designated as his primary Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy, Mary, left on an extended vacation which had been planned long before. There were 2 people assigned as backup Power of Attorney, Lisa and Robert, but no one had really explained to them what being a Power of Attorney meant. The result was that both of them backed out, after Mary had left.


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